Some of the best jeeps available are the good, reliable old ones. Why mess with a formula that has worked for a good long time, if it still works? There is no good reason to change something good that you have going for you! In this article today we will talk about the very best jeeps that are on the market today, and some of the old ones that you will have to look a little bit harder to find. Some of these jeeps are so good that they are still being made however, so some of these may be found at your local Jeep dealer! Let’s start with some of the best available:

Land Rover Defender 110

Land Rover Defender 110

The Land Rover is an almost unchanged version of the classic military vehicle. Everything about the Land Rover was made to be a military vehicle; this machine is a durable, powerful, and simple to repair. In fact, it is so easy to find parts and repair the Land Rover that the joke in the military used to be that you could fix the Land Rover with a hammer and nothing more. In its modern incarnation, the Land Rover Defender 110 has a 5-speed manual transmission, a 3.9L V8 engine, and a long roof for racks and carrying your stuff. The inside has plenty of space for everyone around you. The Land Rover is still one of the most powerful and durable off-road vehicles available.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

This fine vehicle was introduced in 1962; it was one of the first jeeps that was designed to be both useful and luxurious. Today luxury is one of the mains reasons that people buy a car; you are hard-pressed to find a car that does not have a very nice interior by design. However back when this jeep was designed it was much less common to find a fine vehicle that was made for families that also had a luxury interior. This jeep was an SUV before SUVs ever existed. This was discontinued in 1991; however it is still easy to find in its various incarnations. There are versions that are designed more for off-road, and some that are made to be luxury vehicles. Many of the old have a fine-looking outer wood paneling.


’72-’75 CJ-5 and CJ-6

These models of jeep were the epitome of military efficiency; they feature an open top and a frame to protect the driver, but little more as far as luxury is concerned. However their off-road prowess is almost unmatched; their responsive manual transmission and powerful wheelbase allows for unmatched off-road driving. Once again, these jeeps were designed for the best in military efficiency; they are not your prom vehicles. The wheelbase is unusually large for two reasons: it is more efficient on the road and it gave the jeep more room for a more powerful, high-torque engine. If you are looking for a power and efficient and durable jeep for off-road driving, this should be your top choice. There is nothing better for bare-bones off-road driving.

J10 Shortbed

This unusual jeep deserves a place on this list for the unusual feature that few jeeps featured at this time: a well-sized truck bed. This was no small truck bed either; it was large enough to haul large loads wherever you needed them to go. The shortbed was a misnomer of sorts; by modern standards it is not that big, but the bed of this size will be plenty large enough to handle what you will need it for. The modified suspension allows you to take the heavy turns and give you the quick handling that you would need from this. Just because it is designed like a truck does not mean that you are getting less from it; it still has the off-road handling and power that you need.



This modern jeep incarnation is one of the most powerful jeeps ever produced. It can go 0-60 faster than a $100,000 Porsche and it has better pulling power than any Porsche ever could. This modern jeep has all the rugged durability that the classic models have, while adding a more powerful engine to the mix. It has more room than most jeeps, and more comfort than most SUVs tend to offer. This is the perfect car for someone who has a family and needs to be able to haul them around, but also have a good time with off-road riding. This is possibly the most versatile jeep on this list, second only to the…

Jeep TJ

Jeep TJ

This is the most common jeep that you will see on the streets and the trails, and it is this way for a reason. This jeep is one of the most powerful and versatile jeeps, and it handles trails better than any other jeep model ever made. It was discontinued in 2004, but it still proves itself today on the used car market as one of the most in-demand jeeps that you could ever get. The drivetrain is powerful enough to take hit after hit without ever being damaged. You will be getting the equivalent of an anvil as far as durability is concerned. The most useful part about the Jeep TJ is that it is the most easy to repair of any jeep; spare parts can be found in any corner of the globe. You will always be able to fix it!

Now It’s Up To You…

Which classic jeep model do you like the most? All of these old jeeps hold different appeal to different people; none of them are the clear winner. Do you want a strict off-roader, or a more family-oriented model? Do you want a truck bed or not? Do you prefer the classic look, or more modern lines? No matter what you want in your off-road car, there is a model of jeep that can deliver.

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Must-Have Jeep Accessories

When I am doing custom work on my jeep I have a few things that I like to make ABSOLUTELY sure that I add to it overall. There are some accessories that are more optional to have, but there are some that are totally essential to add to the Jeep of your dreams to make it the jeep that is the envy of everyone around. Why waste time when you can have top quality at your disposal? These are a few of the things that I feel MUST be a part of every Jeep enthusiast’s custom job.

Rubber Floor Carpets

One of the best accessories you can add to your Jeep at first is a set of rubber floor carpets. These are essential if you do off-road (which, given that you are reading this site I assume that you do!) because you can clean the mud away so much more easily than you can off of carpet. On off-road adventures you are bound to get a lot of mud in the interior of your Jeep… Why not make it easier to clean up? This is an easy and quick addition to your Jeep!

Suspension Seats

Are you tired of being bounced within an inch of your life every time you hit a massive bump? If you’re will to spend a little more money like I have you can add beautiful suspension seats that take most of the shock out of riding off-road. This is a bit of an investment, but it can be totally worth it. Straight-Axel suspension like Jeeps typically have can really mess you up… Suspension seats can make your life so much better while riding!

Quality Light Bar

A high-quality curved LED light bar can improve the quality of your ride because you can actually SEE where you are going. I personally recommend the light bars from BlackOAKLed; they are good quality, durable, and last forever. I always make sure that I get a light bar that can take a punch; BlackOAKLed has so far delivered that quality that I need!

A Navigation and Communication Mount

When you are riding out in the bushland having a way to know where you or call for help if needed is an essential tool. I recommend getting a high-quality satellite GPS system (your phone will not help you out in the middle of nowhere!) and a good CB radio that can be used to provide weather alerts and call for help.

Start Accessorizing!

These are a few of my favorite additions to add to my own Jeep… You should get start right away too! Very few Jeeps will come EXACTLY how you like them, so spending a little time and money can go a long way in providing a good-quality ride. From a more comfortable ride with suspension seats to a better quality few with a curved LED light bar, accessories can make or break your ride. Start making your off-roading trips even better!

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